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With thousands of options to get insured with, its pretty hard to decide with whom you would want to go with?

Would you pick the cheapest insurance? or would you compare car insurance companies with what they offer as far as coverage ? Most of the online car insurance companies offer almost the same, but not all of them will provide you with the best deal. The most common mistake people do is picking truly the cheapest policy offered without inspecting what do they really get out of it. Sometimes it is all you want.

If you have a beat up old car that you don't care about, and you really want to spend as close to A "One Dollar Bill" we can set you up with our "CLEAR SAVER Policy" and you'll be styling all the way to your best friends house proud in your self as a winner.

But if you have a car that you care about or you are leasing a car, you want to make sure if something happens (And things do happen, CA is rated number 2 in the US with accident rate) A new car insurance will provide you with windows and vandalism coverage, we will show you ways how to pick the right categories and still have enough money for your next month rent.

Getting the right coverage is something that you owe to your self and your loved ones.

with over 5,000 strong we make sure everyone of our clients is safely covered and guaranteed to be getting the best deal possible in CA.

Have a wholesome amount of tickets?

live in a bad area?

Everyone hits you with high rates or tell you that you cant get insured? Don't listen to amateurs or unexperienced agents. Over the years developed a strong relationship with the insurance companies a factor that put us in a position that we can make the impossible extremely possible.

Lets us show you how. CALL today and will make sure you are getting the Best deal, Best coverage and the best service possible GUARANTEED!

LA WEST Insurance TOP 100 Insurance companies in California!

What people are saying about us

Every time i wanted to get a policy i felt like i have no clue whats right, whats wrong, am i covered enough or not, i just wanted the cheapest insurance out there and i always found my self paying more then an...Read More

Lucy Cortez - Whittier, CA, 90601

3 Years with the same insurance company thinking that im covered until DEC 12 2009 where an Idiot that was talking on the phone hit me in the back, Took so much time until the ball started rolling suddenly no r...Read More

Henry Tilman - Studio City, CA 91423

You asked me to send you my own testimonial for your record i didn't know what to write other then the price is right, your always there, and im happy with service Thank you...Read More

Igor Shadakian - Glendale, CA, 91206